Our Approach

AquaSmartXL provides you with an additional pair of eyes on the water. Our Aquatic Drones help to observe and inspect assets as well as their surroundings, giving you all the information needed for maintenance, life span development, risk mitigation and insurance.Our drones are equipped with sensors that see and register in great detail in, on or below the water surface. Our multipurpose platform offers among other optical, infrared and depth measurement.

We offer

We offer turnkey project management to port operators, asset owners, insurers and government organisations. We help you with off-site inspections, reliability centred maintenance, risk mitigation and collision reports. We capture and register objectively the status of any object on or in the water. Large amounts of data or detailed 3D models are geo-referenced and analysed and made available for inspection. Our service team and our professional drone operators work according to relevant safety protocols and take the following steps into account.

Intake and scope

Define with the client the scope of the assignment and assess what should be inspected. This can be among others a quick scan of a damaged part of the infrastructure, detailed jetty pictures for off-site inspection or capturing 3D and GPS data for construction and building plan comparison. If needed we can offer customised solutions.

Project preparation and safety protocols

We scout the terrain and take into account local and or terminal security situation and protocols. After receiving the assignment, we take care of needed protocols and if needed harbour permissions. We mount the right pair of sensors on the mobile aquatic drone-platform. If needed we do a TRA (Task Risk Analysis) before we start an operation. All operators are VCA certified and equipped with PPE (Personal protective equipment).

The drones at work

AquaSmartXL delivers the Aquatic Drones as well as the operators. As the Aquatic Drone sends real-time video and sensor information to the user, the person carrying out the inspection can see exactly what the drone sees and look around freely. This saves time, reduces costs and improves safety.

From data, we create insight

Depending on the assignment we quickly deliver a visual inspection report in case of an incident/a collision or we enhance and combine the data and pictures to get the required 3D models. From within the model the surveyor can zoom into pictures from different angles and add inspection remarks. The data is stored safely in the cloud and kept available for several years for future comparison.

Your Smart Pair Of Eyes On The Water