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AquaSmartXL provides harbour inspection and surveying services based on unmanned aquatic drone technology. Our small- to medium-sized vessels are able to inspect and observe assets as well as their surrounding environment on a regular basis and at locations where conventional technologies cannot be applied — either because these technologies are too dangerous, too expensive or simply not practical to use.

With our AquaDrone we specialize in creating an accurate and complete as-is model or virtual twin of water based assets.  By combining multiple datasets including 3D modeling, 360 degree visualisation and full imaging we offer an effective tool to assist predictive maintenance and asset lifecycle management. Our inspections are repeatable and therefore changes over time can be monitored.

Why use it?

  • Unique flexibility for maneuvering in difficult-to-reach or dangerous areas above or just below the water surface
  • Performing inspections more frequently without the need to hire patrol vessels
  • Pro-active attitude towards unforeseeable hazardous situations and the ability to perform asset maintenance cycles on an as-needed basis
  • Eliminating threats from blind spots which are not reachable with today’s surveying and inspection systems
  • Quick and easy to deploy system that will reduce down-time of assets to days instead of weeks
  • Eliminating the need to send people to work in dangerous environments
  • We deliver a basis for Predictive Maintenance and Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Repeatable measurements and modelling allows for tracking changes over time

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Research Project at the Port of Oostende

AquaSmartXL started a research project at the Port of Oostende together with Interreg and Greenbridge. The goal is to create an inspection solution for quay and lock constructions in the Oostende port area.

With the Link2Innovate AquaSmartXL and the Port of Oostende will be testing new ways of monitoring the status of water based assets in and around the Port. The testcase is based on a quay construction which is nearly impossible to reach with current inspection solutions. The value of the AquaDrone system is that it can create meaningful insight there where other solutions are not applicable.

Click here for more information about the project

Click here for more information about the project

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Successful pilot project at Vopak Terminal Botlek

AquaSmartXL and RoNik Inspectioneering have finished their first combined pilot project commissioned by Vopak. The AquaDrone was used to do a jetty inspection at Vopak Terminal Botlek. Vopak is the first major player in the Rotterdam port area that has implemented an innovative AquaDrone solution to tackle an existing problem.

By using our AquaDrone instead of traditional inspection solutions we have succeeded in shortening the maintenance time and at the same time provided Vopak with a better insight of the status of their jetty than they had ever before.

Watch the “after movie” that is made of this successful pilot project by pressing the embedded video below.

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Jetty inspection with AquaDrone at Vopak Terminal Botlek


AquaSmartXL & RoNik Inspectioneering

AquaSmartXL and RoNik Inspectioneering have combined their forces and are now jointly developing a new service. The co-operation is focused on “engineering robotic inspections” and together we are working on an AquaDrone service for maritime industrial structures like jetties and piers.

AquaSmartXL will focus on engineering the AquaDrone, communication protocols and the License to Operate from port authorities.  RoNik will provide the data capturing, data analysis and displaying of  data. Together we will deliver insight to the customer about their status of their assets. Not only will we be able to deliver a standard inspection rapport, we also offer a full 3D digital model based on visual information of their asset. Customers can use it to verify the inspection conclusions. Next to that they will also have a reference point for all future endeavors. Providing more complete information, that lead to better decisions generating better results.

The technological development is in its final stage, soon we will announce our first project.

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Operations PTA

World Port Days 2016

The 39th edition of the World Port Days will be held on 2, 3 and 4 September 2016. The theme of this year is: The Smartest Port. AquaSmartXL is one of the frontrunner’s in the innovative Unmanned Nautical Scene. We are proud to announce that we are one of the participants in the main program. We are a showcase of what makes Rotterdam the best and Smartest Port in the world, innovative technologies applied to solve real life challenges.

During the World Port Days we will provide an unprecedented experience of the Port of Rotterdam. Our live 3D demo with a challenging puzzle for participants will be an experience as never seen before and let people experience the port from a unique angle. Tickets will be available for our sponsors.

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Meet our AquaDrone


Product features

  • Current prototype model: the AquaDroneXS
  • Equipped with a camera and GPS
  • Real-time video streaming
  • Integration with VR equipment
  • Remotely controlled

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About us

AquaSmartXL is a PortXL startup that bridges the gap between current land-based and existing aquatic surveillance and inspection services. We provide harbour companies and authorities with the additional eyes that help to improve safety and efficiency in and around the port area.

The core team currently consists of:

  • Marlon Drinkwaard, Founder
  • Jan Gerard Snip, Co-founder
  • Dennis de Witte, Managing Director
  • Anita Felter, Spokeswoman
  • Mark Georgiev, Customer Acquisition

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Media coverage

AquaSmartXL has been getting national and international attention in the media. Click on the links below to see some of the articles:

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Pilot with us!

Is your company interested in an Aquatic Drone solution? Would you like to see what our AquaDrone can do for you? Please get in touch with us via to discuss the various options for a pilot project.

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AquaSmartXL successful participant in the PortXL program.

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