We help our customers with quick visual inspections, detailed and standardized inspections of complex structures as well as 3D modeling for engineering support.The remotely controlled drones from AquaSmartXL provides you a flexible, quick to deploy platform to operate several types of sensors so that you can reach places where normal inspection is difficult, too dangerous or simply not practical. Our aquatic drones help to observe and inspect assets as well as their surroundings, giving you all the information needed for maintenance, life span development, risk mitigation, engineering or insurance.

Our Services

our services

AquaSmartXL Drone

inspect assets

We operate where other technologies cannot, either because these technologies are too dangerous, too expensive or simply not practical to use


We deliver a basis for Predictive Maintenance and Reliability Centred Maintenance. Repeatable measurements and modeling allows for tracking changes over time 

Data Driven

Robust data processing chain covering acquisition, network communication, storage, processing, integration, visualisation and distribution risk mitigation

risk mitigation

Eliminating the need to send people to work in dangerous environments. We have a pro-active attitude towards unforeseeable hazardous situations

engineering or insurance

Engineering or insurance proactive or reactive inspection and 3D pointcloud modeling capabilities, for engineering support or to assess damages after incidents

3D modeling

Our multipurpose platform offers among other optical, infrared and depth measurement. We capture and register objectively the status of any object on or in the water. Large amounts of data or detailed 3D models are analysed and made available for off-site inspection. Data sets and 3D models can be combined with geo-information and made available for GIS applications. You can zoom in on details form different angles on places that are normally difficult, risky or costly to reach. You can enrich the data with inspection remarks and compare the data with original plans or historic scans giving you the ability to monitor and detect changes over time.

Complement or replace existing inspections

Our drones are equipped with sensors that see and register in great detail: in, on or below water. Our multipurpose platform offers amongst other features, optical, infrared and depth measurement

Your Smart Pair Of Eyes On The Water

Our sensors see and register with great detail

AquaSmartXL Drones


The Aquatic Drone can complement or even replace visual inspections on location. As the Aquatic Drone sends real-time video information to the user, the person carrying out the inspection can see exactly what the drone sees and look around freely — but from a safe and comfortable position! This saves time, reduces costs and improves safety.

your inspections can be carried out

• More swiftly and cost effectively;
• With more detail (3D data modeling and tracking changes over time);
• At locations that cannot be reached by people or divers and where conventional technologies cannot be applied; either because these technologies are too dangerous, too expensive or simply not practical to use.

Our Services

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 ·         Pre-scan activities, Off-site inspections, 3D modeling, Model comparing, Cost calculation and Incident reporting