About Us

We are an award-winning  start up  that won several innovation prices. The company was supported in its growth by the PortXL accelerator programme an initiative organisation supported by corporates such as Port of Rotterdam, Vopak, Boskalis and Van Oord

Our Mission

AquaSmartXL offers technology and data driven inspections and surveying services that are economically smart and make harbours and waters worldwide safer, cleaner and more efficient.

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Our Team

The core team of AquaSmartXL consists of multi-disciplinary engineers with diverse backgrounds and entrepreneurial spirits. We are determined to become the pioneers of smart unmanned nautical craft. Our ambition is to create the world’s smartest family of aquatic drones in order to fulfill our mission

Marlon Drinkwaard

Marlon Drinkwaard

CEO & Founder & Innovator

Jasper Noldus


Geert Eijsink

Business Development Middle East

Marcus Seeliger

COO & Business Development

Chris Quint

Operations & Engineering

Charles William

VP Business Development

Gyöngyi Czemmel


Armon Pierhöfer

Operations & Engineering

Jens stook

Business Dev. & Operations

Hugo van Dijk

Hugo van Dijk

Senior VP Business Development USA

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