2023 – 2027

Project description

Develop Innovative Offshore Logistic – Accommodating the needs from The Esbjerg Declaration


DIOL will support the realization of the Esbjerg Declaration: Transforming the North Sea into a Green Plant of Europe. The objectives are met through actions among partners from Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and France.

Key Goals

  • Develop a transnational, resilient logistics chain to support the targets of 65GW offshore wind by 2030 and 150 GC by 2050, along with 20GCW green hydrogen production by 2030.
  • Enhance the infrastructure of vital hubs to accommodate next-gen offshore vessels and structures.
  • Define technical, legal, and business requirements for port and airport upgrades to mee the objectives. 
  • Ensure the security of renewable energy supply and infrastructure through innovative technologies like smart drones, fences, robots, and AI.


DIOL responds to the Directive 2018/2001 by addressing:

  • THE ESBJERG DECLARATION on the North Sea as a Green Power Plant of Europe (NS GPPoE), signed on 18th May 2022.
  • THE OOSTEND DECLARATION on the North Sea as Europe’s Green Power Plant delivering cross-border projects and anchoring the renewable offshore industry in Europe, signed on 24TH April 2023.  


  • Lead Beneficiary: Airport of Esbjerg/Municipality of Esbjerg (DK)
  • Project Leader: Director Mrs. Susanne Kruse Sørensen, Airport of Esbjerg

Number of DIOL partners: 13

Logistic hubs:

  • Airport of Esbjerg (DK)
  • Port of Esbjerg (DK)
  • Port of Cuxhaven (Nports) (DE)
  • Airport Den Helder (NL)
  • Port of Oostende (BE)
  • Port of Brest (FR)

Scientific Providers: 

  • VIVES (BE)
  • Fraunhofer (DE)

Technology Providers:

  • AquaSmart Engineering BV (NL)
  • H2X Ecosystems (FR)
  • Brittany Aviation (FR)
  • Skeydrones (BE)
  • SeaTopic (FR)